After the Ruja Ignatova settlement, OneCoin investors voluntarily dismissed the class-action lawsuit


A class-action lawsuit launched by a group of investors against some of OneCoin’s top executives and other linked organizations has been rejected in its entirety. The investors had previously reached an agreement with Ruja Ignatova, the founder of OneCoin, and her brother Konstantin Ignatov.

The OneCoin drama has been going on for a long time. Ruja, the “Crypto Queen,” is still on the run, and the billions of dollars she allegedly stole from investors have yet to be recovered. While there have been arrests worldwide in connection with the scam, little has come of it. One of the few remaining viable cases against the scammers was a class-action lawsuit filed by Donald Berdeaux and Christine Grablis.

Some of the defendants, including lawyer Mark Scott, Nicole Huesmann, and the Bank of New York Mellon, was dismissed from Donald and Christine’s claims in late September. They have now dropped the names of OneCoin Limited, Ruja, and key executives Sebastian Greenwood and Gilbert Armenta in their newest action.

They claimed that OneCoin is a defunct corporation with no assets in their dismissal. However, Ignatova, the principal operator, and founder are still on the loose. In addition, Gilbert and Sebastian were captured and are currently in police custody, facing separate charges for their roles in the global scheme.

“Plaintiffs have concluded that the dismissal of Mark Scott, David Pike, Nicole Huesmann and Bank of New York Mellon Corporation from this Action has rendered this litigation untenable and no longer a productive use of judicial resources, due largely to the fact that the remaining defendants all appear to be essentially judgment proof…”

In their court filings, the plaintiffs stated,

Because “no class has yet been certified, no payment or monetary inducement has been offered or promised to Plaintiffs or Plaintiffs’ counsel, and voluntary dismissal without prejudice at this stage does not bind any putative/absent class claimant other than the named Plaintiffs,” the plaintiffs believe it is in the best interests of judicial efficiency to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice.

While the billions of dollars lost to OneCoin have yet to be recovered, a British lawyer recently alerted police to Seychelles-based digital wallets. The attorney stated that the BTC stash in these accounts belonged to Ruja and was now worth over $10 billion, according to CoinGeek.

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