Mars4’s sales are increasing across Japan


Although the crypto market is now in a difficult spot, this does not indicate that every alternative technology is in the same boat. The Mars4 Metaverse recently announced that its sales in Japan had doubled after using a program sales strategy.

However, virtual projects have grown in popularity in the previous two years due to Facebook’s announcement of development based on them. The Metaverse has the potential to transform how people connect, as well as provide a viable revenue model for the gaming community.

Mars4 has arrived in the Metaverse

Mars4 has been one of Japan’s most popular virtual environments since 2022. This is because the Metaverse suggests that Mars colonization be accomplished by selling various parcels of land, maybe separated into categories.

According to rumors, the Metaverse would be king across Asia, particularly in Japan, where sales are said to have doubled. The general manager of the Bitflyer Exchange says he’s been interested in Mars4 since last year since it’s a new idea. With this help, the Metaverse’s director established a Telegram community dedicated to Japan. They would also welcome Chinese, Turkish, and Italian fans.

However, the Metaverse is also present on Discord, regardless of the fan’s native language. The ability to travel to any area of the globe is one of the Metaverse’s goals.

Make money by navigating around Mars

The Metaverse’s most recent advancements offer easy money. Mars4 promises monetary rewards in return for navigation. This Blockchain-based digital initiative allows users to earn cryptocurrency and participate in the NFT market.

The Metaverse provides territory on Mars that may be explored, produced, or farmed for the user to exist there. Non-fungible tokens can be used to purchase automobiles; however, this will be a future upgrade.

Because everything is built on NFTs, the community in Mars4 believes that this virtual project is the easiest method to generate money passively. Participants may put their money into NFTs and profit passively by minting them. The virtual portal also offers communal swimming pool rentals, providing a steady source of income.

Not unexpectedly, the MARS4 coin is recovering from its slump due to these advancements and fresh Metaverse adoptions. According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency is now trading at $0.003593, with a market value of $3,415,274.

The coin was trading for $1.05 in November 2021, at its all-time high. As its NFT projects under development are released, MARS4 is estimated to be worth more than that.

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