Web3 Mobile Phone is a new Solana Labs initiative


A new Android smartphone being developed by Solana Labs will serve as the first mobile phone for the Solana network.

Coming in 2023: the Crypto Phone

Solana announced the release of its Saga mobile phone, which was created in association with Osom, on June 23 in New York City. The phone is a modified version of the Osom OV1, which a group of ex-Essential engineers created. Preorders for the $1,000 item have already begun to be taken by the business. Customers must deposit a mandatory $100 using Solana wallets on solanamobile.com to preorder the phone. The gadget will start to be shipped in the first quarter of 2023.

Specifications Sheet

The phone’s technical characteristics are standard: it features a 6.67-inch 120Hz OLED display, 512GB of storage, and 12GB of RAM. Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip will power it. It also has a primary camera (50mp) and an ultra-wide shooter, much like any other standard smartphone (12mp). However, the key feature of the phone that has piqued the interest of both the crypto community and gadget enthusiasts is its crypto-functionality.

Crypto functionality in Saga

Users who often use the Web3 to access their crypto wallets and NFT collections would benefit the most from this phone, which includes built-in support for decentralized apps operating on the Solana blockchain. The release of this phone is intended to provide the Solana blockchain with the boost it requires to surpass the Ethereum network in terms of NFT sales volume. Because NFT marketplace Magic Eden, Solana wallet developer Phantom, and crypto exchange Orca have already confirmed their support for the Saga phone, the potential appears strong.

Previous attempts to create a Crypto Phone

The privacy-focused business OSOM, which sprang from the ashes of Essential, was responsible for the first development of the crypto phone above. To rename the product Saga and work jointly to improve it, the firm has teamed up with Solana Labs.

A tech business has attempted to do anything of this magnitude before. Without much success, Samsung, LG, and HTC have all attempted to create their blockchain-based phone in the past.

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